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Pinecones - Small


The heavy, solidly-plated object is actually a simple, natural pinecone from the Baguio region. The lustrous finish, however, is a result of four stages of dipping: first in plastic, then in copper, then in nickel, then finally in sterling silver. 

After that a sealant to prevent tarnish is applied. The finish on this cone will last for many years to come & hopefully also your enjoyment of them.

Sold in a gift box of 6 or of 12 pinecones, the box is hand woven for us in Bicol, in a twist-on-twist pattern, out of Karagumoy, which is a tall leaf pandan with a thorny spine. Once the thorns are taken off the spine, the density of the leaf makes a very fine, long lasting plant material for weaving.   Dimension of the box: 5" x 5"x 3" (13 x 13 x 7.6 cm).

We love to display them in wooden bowls, or to hang them from Christmas Green abaca twine! (Ask us for some?!)

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